Gym Glove

Gym Glove

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All Weather gears are designed to keep you covered through all your activities. Crafted from a sweat absorbent dry fit material. Each of these Bibs feel like a second skin.The comfortable regular fit keeping you on trend.Authentic leather build feels great against the skin, and offers durability that is unheard of
Patent pending Gloves are easily washable with Lycra webbing for better hand mobility 3mm EVA stuffing under leather and Suede cushions against heavy weights and uncomfy pressure Suede grip fights calluses while promoting a stronger grip hold and good hygiene. The thumb stitched using 4-way breathable fabric that wicks away moisture while making your hand’s breath easily during a workout.Sturdy, affordable and effective. These patent pending weight lifting gloves are just what a powerlifter needs. Comfortable like a feather, yet hard as nails, these authentic leather gym gloves are washable and easy to apply thanks to the convenient design. 3mm EVA sheets in the palm provide cushioning under a traction producing Suede grip to give you a hold on the weights, rods or bars of your choice unlike any other. And unlike other gloves, this pair has a cushioning on the blade of the hand and a 4-way stretch breathable thumb for ventilation. Along with strategically placed perforations, the gloves are pleasantly ventilated. Quick-EZ hook strap enables easy on off application with minimal wrist support.Clean, simple lines on the outside, yet loaded with the right safety features and creature comforts. It is constructed from high quality leather, strong yet supple and comfortable to wear. Talking about supple and comfortable.Seeing such a high quality, refined weight lifting gloves at this price point is a rarity. Our Gloves are beautifully executed, hand waxed leather gloves. The leather is soft and supple but very capable at offering excellent slide protection. That protective outer layer is backed up by a full set of CE Level 2 impact absorbing armour in the hands,wrist,palm and back. Our gloves have a slightly elongated back to avoid any unwanted exposure. The removable thermal liner makes a glove that can be enjoyed all year long. It’s not just a protective and functional glove though: With ribbed stitch detailing on the wrist, lower back clean lines and delightfully subtle branding. It’s a glove that will only look better with age and will serve you well both in the gym and off it. We receive nothing but praise from both customers and staff. It’s rare to find such a high quality glove at such a competitive price.

Full set of CE Level 2 shoulder, elbow and back armour included

  • Elongated back
  • To ensure a good fit
  • Removable thermal inner lining
  • Sturdy central zip backed up by wind flap
  • Leather pullers on all
  • Ribbed stitch detailing on palm, wrist and lower back
  • Subtle embossed logo

CE Level AA Approved Garment. Available in Cowhide Leather Buffalos Leather Katal Leather Sheep Leather Goat Leather Features: stretch lips, short connection zipper. Pockets: slit pockets, inner pockets

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  • Soft
  • Regular Fit
  • Comfortable

We follow U.S & EU standards and our sizes do not vary by more than +1-0.5 inches

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